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These are testimonials from actual patients submitted to us and from various places around the web




We are so glad you decided to make the Austin area your home and open Royal Vista Dental. We have been searching for a family dentist for 10 years and hadn't found one until you opened your office. You and your staff have been providing our family outstanding dental care! We would also like to thank you for supporting the community!



Thanks again to everyone for taking such good care of me today!! My visit was a pleasant one and I appreciate all the extra time and attention you gave me to make sure things were done right! Excited that I've found a dentist that doesn't mind actually explaining different techniques and procedures instead of just hurrying through something to move on!! I am a Forever Patient.



Sometimes in life you have the fortune of meeting someone who impacts you in such a way that you know you are better for having known them. Dr. Kevin Rhodes is one of these people, and I am privileged to call him my friend. Dr. Rhodes' passion for his patients care is matched only by the integrity with which it is provided. Employing the latest in technology, Dr. Rhodes is able to educate his patients about every possible solution to their unique situation....allowing them to decide what treatment is best! 



I have been lucky to have worked with Dr. Kevin Rhodes for almost 3 years and I am still his patient. He has been my greatest influence and has made me a more confident dental professional. I have learned so much about dentistry just from hearing him speak to his patients. I miss learning from him. Patients have the greatest confidence in Dr. Rhodes. He is thorough in discussing treatment and gives all possible options. He has patience in explaining procedures and answering questions. He has made such an impact on our office that patients still ask for him and are willing to follow him for treatment. 

Most people are frightened of having dental treatment especially with the thought of having to “get numb.” Although I work in a dental office, this does not exclude me. When it came time for my local anesthetic, Dr. Rhodes was so gentle that I did not feel a bit of discomfort! It was so amazing that I almost wanted to do it again. He placed a tooth colored filling, which even still I show to people. The work was done so well that the filling blends into the rest of the tooth. He does amazing esthetic work that looks natural. I can’t help but to feel proud every time I come across a patient who has had treatment done by Dr. Rhodes. 

-Marissa H., registered dental hygenist


I've never met anyone as passionate and excited about what they do as Dr. Rhodes! His zest for life is infectious; he truly sees performing dentistry as icing on the cake!



Dr. Kevin Rhodes is “hands-down” the most knowledgeable dentist I’ve met. He uses the latest technology. I heard he was good and my experience in having a permanent crown built for a broken tooth was quick, easy and pain free. He made the crown in his office while I waited about 30”. He actually let me watch the whole process and even showed me how it was fabricated in the back. His skill and communication made the experience stress free. He was great and I would recommend Dr. Rhodes to everyone. 

-Kenneth G.


My first visit to Dr. Kevin Rhodes was of urgent nature. He was able to work me into his schedule the next day. He did a root canal and permanent crown in that visit. I was nervous, but it was painless. Dr. Rhodes was efficient and comforting throughout. Dr. Rhodes possesses a gentle nature that can calm anyone through a dental visit. He actually made a visit to the dentist enjoyable!

-Carol W.


Another True Story: My Mom had to have her front teeth replaced after a bad fall. Her original teeth were just beautiful. In fact, when people always say, “Her smile is so beautiful!” When she had her accident, everyone was concerned that her trademark smile would never be the same. Dr. Rhodes had us gather photos and repaired her smile by rebuilding her front teeth exactly as they were. Now, people comment on what an amazing job her dentist has done. Her new teeth look so great you’d never know she had such an accident!

-Carol W.


Dr. Rhodes is friendly, honest, and very knowledgeable. He does excellent work so I highly recommend him to anyone needing dental care. My only problem with Dr. Rhodes is that he is no longer in San Antonio!!

-Korri W.


As a fellow dentist and patient, I can easily say I entrust my dental care to the hands of Dr. Kevin Rhodes. He treats every other patient with the same amount of respect and compassion as me (a colleague). He truly strives for perfection with all his work and did a great job with my treatment!

-Ruma S. DDS


Dr. Rhodes was nothing short of phenomenal. I was getting ready to head out of the country and a tooth began to hurt. I was able to schedule an appointment with him shortly after it started to hurt, and he was not only able to fix the problem, but also prevent other dental problems that could arise while on my trip. His passion for helping others is visible through his work with his patients.

-Dr. John B.


I went to Dr. Rhodes as a second opinion for a molar issue I was having, he was able to fix my molar problem in a minimal amount of time. There was no pain and he was very professional and nice. I would entrust him anytime with all my family's dental needs.

-Sonia V.


I am one of Dr. Rhodes’ patients and have been very pleased with the way he’s treated me. He is so gentle and very concerned with the well being of his patients. He is a wonderful dentist.

-C. Copes


I have a pre-existing heart condition that requires antibiotics prior to dental work. Usually, when I get a confirmation call, I remind the office to call in prescription. As a new patient to Dr. Rhodes, I was shocked when he personally called to tell me my prescription was called in and reminded me to take it before my appointment. During my visit, Dr. Rhodes expressed great knowledge of (non-oral) medical conditions and the risks involved with dental work. It was nice to learn more than just what your mouth is up to. Dr. Rhodes and his staff were very thorough. It was the most relaxed dentist visit I’ve had.



Dr. Kevin Rhodes has made the trip to the Dentist one of peace instead of fear for our family. All of my children have had great experiences and Olivia, who has had the most extensive work done, fell asleep in his chair while he worked on her teeth. He is a great family Dentist who can put anyone at ease and is a perfectionist at his craft. Thank you Dr. Rhodes.

-Cyndi T.


I can't speak highly enough about Dr. Rhodes. He is an excellent dentist - great work with no pain. Even better, he made me feel like he really cared about me as a patient. It's a rare thing to find someone who can do it all and Dr. Rhodes is one of the best. 

-Dr. Anne P.


Dr. Rhodes is wonderful! My kids loved him! He was very kind and answered every question I had with a lot of patience. We will definitely be regular patients! 


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