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What makes us different? 


Our Vision I At Royal Vista Dental, we want to come to know you… we are locally owned and strive to be a neighborhood dental office providing gentle, comprehensive esthetic and restorative dentistry services for your entire family in a comfortable setting. Our focus is on high quality dental care, not high quantity. We will treat every patient with integrity and respect while creating a memorable experience that exceeds your expectations. We will do our best for every patient, every time, using state of the art technology to diagnose and treat a wide variety of dental conditions. We are committed to the long-term health of our patients.


Our People One thing you're sure to never find in another office is the incredible team we have here. You've never experienced anything like this in a medical setting before. From the clinical staff to the administrative people up front... it's fantastic.

Our Services Click on the images below for more info.

... in and out in a single visit with a permanent, all ceramic crown, onlay or veneer!  For you this means fewer injections, less drilling and less time out of your busy schedule for dental care. Using metal free materials that are the closest to your natural enamel, CEREC gives you the highest quality restorative care. 


Dr. Rhodes is proud to be a certified CEREC trainer. Ask him today about single visit CEREC restorative care.


Dr. Rhodes goal in cosmetic and restorative dentistry is to recreate nature at it’s best. This is achieved by handcrafting individual restorations as unique as you. The results should be beautiful, functional and undetectable.

People should notice your beautiful smile…not your new big, white crowns or veneers! They should mimic nature and blend harmoniously.


Cosmetic Dentistry
Veneers -
Handcrafted by Dr. Rhodes

Would you prefer to wake up to a beautiful smile without having to experience the sights and sounds? If so, we can make it happen. 

3D imaging
& guided
implant positioning

Dr. Rhodes also uses a unique system to combine information from 3D CT data and and intra-oral scanner to digitally plan implant

position and when necessary can have surgical guides made for use during surgery.


Enjoy a complimentary coffee from the coffee bar. Want to check your e-mail or surf the web? We’ve got an internet bar for that. You can watch TV in the waiting area or in the treatment room. There is an LCD TV mounted to the ceiling to view while your treatment is underway. Stay warm with a cozy blanket while in the chair. 


We understand that for some, the dentist may not be your favorite place to visit .  We’ll do whatever it takes to make you comfortable. 

Digital X-rays 

We are an all digital office, including charts and X-rays. Digital X-rays offer many advantages to the patient. The images can be viewed instantly and there is up to 90% less radiation exposure for the patient.



Kid Friendly

As a father of three, Dr. Rhodes knows how important, and sometimes difficult, it is to promote good oral hygiene in children. At Royal Vista Dental we gladly treat and educate the whole family, kids and adults. We also offer a kids playroom in our lobby complete with toys, beanbags and a TV. 


Safe Amalgam
Removal and
Metal-Free Restorations 

When amalgam (silver fillings) must be removed, many grind them into dust and try to “catch” the debris. We adhere to a strict isolation protocol to ensure that you have the least amount of exposure to the mercury material as possible. We also have invested in specialized equipment used to filter out the bio-hazardous material so it can be disposed of properly and stays out of our water supply.


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